Aeroplane Flies High: Growing


aeroplane flies high
Merseyside three-piece blitz the senses with new single and video ahead of launch show, Getintothis’ Joseph Viney prepares for take-off.

Aeroplane Flies High (AFH) have made the video for upcoming single Growing available as they look to capitalise on a recent surge of popularity and plaudits.
The disgustingly fuzzy three-piece, whose name is a hat-tip to the Smashing Pumpkins, force together a decadent mixture of grunge, noise and vague guitar pop sensibilities into one odd-but-welcome passage.
Leaning on such rich influences as The Melvins, Sonic Youth and Weezer, AFH are very much a hearts-on-sleeve group with enough personality to make it their own.
Growing’s video is some kind of male pregnancy-based Lynchian nightmare; fitting in its own weird way.
To celebrate this caesarean birth of the new world order, AFH are strafing into Maguire’s Pizza Bar on Wednesday February 12 for the single launch, accompanied by Claustro and Cactus Knife.
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Growing is released on Monday February 10 via Snaketown Records.

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