Amber Run, Etches, Natalie McCool, Racing Glaciers, Collectors Club: Kazimier, Liverpool


Amber run live review kazimier communion
Communion Records’ host a pick & mix of fresh music feastings at the Kazimier, Getintothis’ Adam Lowerson sinks his teeth in.

Communion: the sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings – especially when the exchange is on a mental or spiritual level. This is the name and aim of a brand new gig night, launched by Communion Records (Michael Kiwanuka, Willy Mason, Deap Valley), to showcase an eclectic mix of new musical talent. It doesn’t disappoint.
Set in The Kazimier, Communion has already shown signs of being a night that Liverpool music enthusiasts could really get on board with.
First up was Middlesborough’s Collectors Club, whose summery indie sound got the night off to a great start.
Their combination of Caribbean inspired rhythms and Vampire Weekend-esque guitar riffs made the set a joy to watch. Highlight track Wanna’ Be You was the perfect slice of indie pop, with real groove and a memorable chorus to show off singer Joe Smithson’s dreamy falsetto. Where Did You Go carried on the summery trend, giving off such warm vibes that you’d be forgiven for forgetting that it was the middle of March.
Collectors Club live review kazimier
Collectors Club live at The Kazimier, Liverpool
Natalie McCool live review kazimier communion
Natalie McCool live at The Kazimier, Liverpool
Natalie McCool was next to take the stage, beginning her set with a haunting cover of Billy Fury’s Wondrous Place and creating an eerie atmosphere to chill you to the bone.
A stark contrast to the warm sounds of the aforementioned Collectors Club, America is another highlight, with its desert guitar sounds and pounding drums enveloping McCool‘s warm, reverb drenched vocals, creating a feel of dark and hazy psychedelia. Between songs, McCool‘s onstage persona is shy and reserved – but, when singing, she exudes confidence and a charm making the performance completely mesmerising.
etches live review kazimier communion
Etches live at The Kazimier, Liverpool
Perhaps the highest expectations on the night fell on the shoulders of another of Liverpool’s-most-likely-to, Etches. After releasing the demo Let’s Move In back in October, the five-piece have very much been under the spotlight and from tonight’s performance it isn’t hard to see why.
Their mix of sharp electronics, intricate guitar licks and deep baritone vocals make for an intriguing sound. Their songs bring a lot of ideas together, but we sometimes felt as if the melody was lost within a fog of noise. Etches are clearly a band with great promise – but something is currently lacking from their set to suggest they’ve realised their full potential. Early days.
racing glaciers live review kazimier communion
Racing Glaciers live at The Kazimier, Liverpool
The night’s most impressive performance came from Liverpool-based quintet, Racing Glaciers.
They combined soft piano with warm trumpet sounds and marching drums to create a feel of glistening pop euphoria. Indeed, their song South was one of the best performed of the evening.
Dynamically, their music keeps you on your toes, switching from soft, delicate stripped back moments, to a huge full band sound with almost effortless soaring melodies. Animalwas a stand out track, with the piano leading, pounding chords and harmonies so warm they could melt the polar ice caps.
Amber run live review kazimier communion singer
Amber Run live at The Kazimier, Liverpool
Last, but not least, were Nottingham’s Amber Run, a band who have already performed at Reading and Leeds, although still very early into their musical career.
The anthemic Heaven, with its atmospheric, post-rock feel, illustrated the band’s ability to write a good pop song while front man Joe Keogh is confident and you can’t help but watch his jolty shaking mannerisms, as if someone keeps giving him a feisty electric shock. Fine promise, indeed.
Pictures by Getintothis‘ Tomas Adam
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