Evian Christ, Travis Scott, Lil Silva: The Oval Space, London


evian christ
Evian Christ launches his Waterfall EP amid the deep rumbling Oval Space in London, Getintothis’ Aaron Farell reports on a night of explosive dance music.

Having missed the eulogised Evian Christ-curated Trance Parties in London and Manchester, Getintothis was determined to be behind the eight ball for his Waterfall EP launch in London.
Evian had orchestrated an array of Grade A artists and producers for his Oval Space show promising a ideally incongruous musical stew of styles for a Friday night.
The line up for one stage was huge, so an early kickoff was essential. Getintothis settled in early, after we were tipped off SOPHIE was kicking things off at 9 bells. Good trick, because it wasn’t the case. It was Powell that launched proceedings at 9.15pm with his disoriented and slanted beat heavy arrangements. Intense for early doors – but it was a sign for things to come.
Getintothis was looking forward to SOPHIE and Mssingno as their 2013 releases were probably our favourites. SOPHIE‘s hit BIPP was performed in a new mix that we’d yet to hear with the London crowd going berserk across the Oval Space dance floor. Mssingno picked up where SOPHIE left off and creating a sense of euphoria with his potent packed anthem Xe2 swaying the crowd left to right for his finale.
Having male acts with female names is a strange coincidence to have on the same bill. Is having a female name for a male act a thing now? SOPHIE is a dude and Millie and Andrea (Miles Whittaker and Andy Stott) are also dudes. Is the lack of prominence for female producers an issue? Or is it in support of how misogynist dance music is as a whole?
Anyway, the vibe completely changed again for Millie and Andrea. Think of Shed (German producer) with gristly hard dubby techno with juke claps and percussions and you conjure up M&A. It was so intense, the air pressure between my ear plug and my ear drum was getting tighter.
Vibe change numero four as Travis Scott took to the stage. Never has Getintothis seen a rapper spur on the crowd. Standing on the table where the decks lay by DJ Semtex, he ordered the sound technician, bar staff, security and, importantly, the hundreds in the crowd to jump and do unimaginable things we’re too shy to write in this review. It was the perfect build up to the night’s main act.
Evian Christ rubbing shoulders with Ye and being credited on 2013s hip hop album of the year has clearly unaffected his own material and seeing him wander through the crowd earlier in the night clearly shows his humble side and respect for club culture in general.
When he came on he certainly perked it up a bar higher. Our ears were wrecked at this point, with or without ear plugs. The GIT Award 2014 nominee went into a string of his newly-released songs off his hotly anticipated Waterfall EP. The crowd outburst into chaos when Salt Carousel hit the walls and then into the ears of the Oval Space attendees. There were people falling over each other and embracing one another.
Afterwards, we needed a breather. In between catching our breath we caught glimpses of Lil Silva before the Oscillate Wildly DJs came on with a blast of future RnB vibes. Never have we moved so much and waved invisible dollars for Rihanna‘s Pour It Up. We doubt we will again.
The last hour was filled with ambient vibes. ActressOur from his stellar Ghettoville was the good night lullaby we needed as exhaustion set in. So, Evian, when’s the next Trance Party?

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