Liverpool gig guide: The Coral, The Blinders, The Peach Fuzz


The Blinders

The city sees it’s latest venue opening in style this week and Getintothis’ Steven Doherty has the lowdown.

Well, that was quite the week, wasn’t it.

We saw a talking flump, inexplicably, elected to the highest office in the land, who then proceeded to bring in the worst cabinet in history.

Ours is not to preach, but those in this locality who would ever contemplate voting for him, scare me almost as much as he does.

Google his views on Liverpool and Hillsborough, and then we can stop thinking he’s some lovable buffoon.

And then it was hot. Probably because it is the summertime.

But this was proper hot, it was even too much for the strange people, the ones who spend the whole winter pining for days like these.

Then the week got good. Very good indeed.

The Mercury Music prize nominees were announced, we all had our best sneers ready for the usual dross, but no, it’s a damn good list.

Idles or Fontaines DC please.

Foals: Top 10 tracks from a totally distinctive band

The dockside gorgeous-dome was announced as the new home for one of our local football clubs, swiftly followed by the exuberant bitterness and tiresome ire towards it from the supporters of the other local football club.

It ended with The Murder Capital at Arts Club.

It was hot, sweaty, glorious fun. They are gonna be massive, this time next year I’ll be writing about their upcoming album being nominated for the Mercury, I would wager.

Here’s to another week full of joy, especially if you are a fan of new Liverpool venues opening with ace gigs (and if you’ve read this far down, then you must be).

The Coral

The Coral: Jimmy’s, August 1

Hoylake’s finest export are the choice to open the city’s newest venue.

Tickets for this sold out instantly, as they’ve been playing venues 10 times the size of this room lately, which goes to show what a great coup this is to get them for the opening night.

Read the full preview here.


The Peach Fuzz

The Peach Fuzz: Jimmy’s, August 2

A stellar line up this one, curated by Jimmy’s themselves, Skeleton Key Records and Manchester’s You Are Not Alone Festival.

As well as local psych-pop masters The Peach Fuzz, you get Kangaroos, the excellent Shards and Katy Alex, as well as Edgar Jones on DJ duties.

There’s no actual entrance fee for this one, but they will be taking donation of a fiver on the door, with all proceeds going to the excellent mental health charity Wirral Mind.

For that bill, surely you can throw them a tenner instead? Go on.

Jimmy’s Ben Taylor talks their roots, new site and diversity ahead of opening weekend


The Blinders

The Blinders: Jimmy’s, August 3

The highlight of Jimmy’s very busy first weekend.

This one sees a number of bands that have already tore up Jimmy’s Manchester and are set to do the same here finishing the opening trio of gigs in style.

Saytr Play, Dantevilles, Deja Vega, to name but just a few, it’s a splendid all-dayer.

Headlined by the sublime, criminally ignored for the Mercury, The Blinders, this is another one that sold-out very sharpish, those of you who were lucky enough to get onto it early are to be treated.


Peter Deary and Chris Mullin (The Sums)

The Sums: District, August 2

It’s very much the weekend for launch events.

The Sums are hosting a special event at District, in celebration of their new album Better.

Album number three for the band, just released on Strawberry Moon Records and available to buy on the night, sees them in tip-top form, and will be showcased tonight alongside the older classics.

Support comes from John Mcglone & The Souls Of Emotion and Ryan Evans, with the promise of more special guests to boot.


Man & the Echo

Man & The Echo: Phase One, August 3

The finale to our launch party special sees Man & The Echo at Phase One to launch their sophomore effort, Men Of The Moment.

Tickets are on sale, but you can get two free with a purchase of the album from Phase One itself, which is also available in gammon coloured vinyl.

The artwork for the album was done by unfathomably popular Twitter sensation Cold War Steve, so if you like that (and if you do, please explain, because this writer just doesn’t get it), it’s worth getting just for that.

Quirky pop tunes will be the order of the day here.

Also this week:

La Violette Societa: Studio 2, July 30

Sounds Like A Storm: Jacaranda, July 30

Mo Kenney: Jacaranda, July 31

Matthew Read(e): Sound, August 2

The Silver Lines: EBGB’s, August 2

Asfixia Social: Zanzibar, August 3

Samurai Kip and Blurred Street Band: Zanzibar, August 4