Abe: Heave​-​Ho


Ex-Merseysiders Abe delve into dark pop and delicious unexpected depths, Getintothis’ Peter Guy discovers a new band in delectable form.

Sometimes it’s all about contrasts. And Abe know all about that. Dark and sweet. Peaks and troughs. Foraging into the past but seeking out the new.
Abe revel in playful contradiction. Their music is both artful pop and avant beat-laden rock. Immediate and imbued with instant click-your-fingers hooks yet unravelling slowly, tempting you deeper into their devilish lair of night-time chamber romanticism.
From the gradual reveal of opener Step Out‘s rhythmic sheet-metal clunk married to a synth line plucked from the heart of a John Carpenter cinematic score through to lead single Wink Wink‘s neo-operatic whoops they excel in the bizarre and brilliant. Better still, You Are Me somehow manages to trade These New Puritans‘ clinical industrial edge with a fractured disco beat and a searing understated guitar riff. It’s a beauty.
Having studied in Liverpool, the now Sheffield-based trio recently supported Outfit on their UK tour and it’s easy to see why, Abe are our type of twisted fantastical fantasists.

Abe official site.
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