Liverpool music 2013: Highs, lows and the best of the rest of the year


Merseyside’s 2013 cultural and music calender was spectacular to say the least, Getintothis’ Joseph Viney compiles the highlights of the second half of the year.

Such are the ways of the human mind, we view the new year and the upcoming twelve months as a means to change; something to shore up any disappointments we may have incurred or potential as yet unfulfilled.
As it stands, the radical changes that people plan for themselves tend to require fundamental reprogramming and thus the task becomes a little short of impossible.
But what are we without hope? 2013 proved to be an excellent year for Liverpool’s music and arts scene.
We entered the year a little on the ropes. MelloMello faced closure, long-standing establishments such as Le Bateau had already capsized and the well-publicised council cuts threatened further lean times ahead for the creative industries that had fought to put Liverpool back into a prominent position.
But Liverpool thrives on perseverance. The backs-to-the-wall attitude has served us well in good times and bad, and the fightback began.
East Village Arts Club surfaced and quickly brought itself to the fore and the Korova returned, albeit in quizzical circumstances.
Liverpool and the wider North West region enjoyed a fine crop of fantastic shows, exhibitions, visitations and moments. Our round-up of the best and worst of January to August is documented here.
For the best of the final third of 2013, look no further than the mass of links below.
Many thanks go to our writers, photographers, the city’s promoters, artists and venues, who have surmounted all obstacles to bring the best possible nights to the people of Liverpool.
2014 looks set to pick up where we leave off; we hope you’re able to join us once more.
Lead image by Gavin Trafford.
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If this was your view for most of the year then you’ll love these links!
End Of Year Round-Up Bonanza!
The music writer’s typically contrarian response to the end of year winding down process is to do more work than ever.
A slew of fantastic LPs, EPs and singles were released this year and it was all we could do to keep up with the pick of the bunch.
Our team of contributors and the city’s artists and general movers and shakers proffered their own choices for the sounds that shaped their year.

Talk is cheap apparently, but on Getintothis every word counts.
We traded back and forths with the likes of Yo La Tengo and 2013 GIT Award winners Baltic Fleet, who kept us up to date on how winning the award has affected their careers.

  • Mallets mallet with Ex-Easter Island Head!

Top 10
If you love starting arguments, or just wading right into the middle of one, then our Top 10 lists are a surefire way to guarantee either outcome!

Eels at the O2 Academy was just one of 2013’s many gig highlights
Live Reviews
Our live reviews are the lifeblood of the site, and our excellent team of writers and photographers are keen to get right into the mix and bring you the latest reports from the region’s most recent visitors.

Picture Galleries
Sometimes words aren’t enough. Luckily our snappers have plenty of ammunition to provide you and us with supplementary galleries for those unlucky enough to have missed some of the year’s pivotal shows.

clang boom steam1.jpg
Clang Boom Steam brought the house down at the GIT Award 2014 launch at Leaf Tea Shop
GIT Award 2014
Going from strength to strength, the GIT Award is set for a fantastic and memorable night on Friday April 11 at the Kazimier.
We have already announced the venue, judging panel and witnessed a great launch night at Leaf Tea Shop.

Introducing/Ones To Watch
Liverpool’s music scene is in a constant cycle, and where bands and artists may call it a day, there are plenty of others waiting in the wings to take up the torch.
Getintothis profiled and introduced you to the doom-laden mores of Clang Boom Steam, the whirling dervish eccentricities of Alpha Male Tea Party and a lot more besides.

  • Drohne: Soul-Jo, T​.​M​.​R, Suppression

On It!
As Nancy Sinatra sang, “the city never sleeps at night” and Liverpool’s best and brightest are always hard at work to bring you the best shows.
2014 already boasts visits from Foals, White Denim and Bobby Womack, as well as unveiled plans for Sound City, Threshold and more.

Moz wrote a book – cue accusations, recriminations and tribulations
Pop Life
Sometimes the surface isn’t enough, and Getintothis is always keen to explore more than just the tip of the iceberg.
Our writers extrapolated on topics such as the pros and cons of rival production techniques, the necessity of art criticism and lingering looks at the legacy of artists such as Bob Dylan.
We also had a good laugh at Huey Morgan. Stick to writing songs about fictional dog food, chief.

  • The music battle for our soul – are you in or out of the box?
  • Breaking Bad: The Ballads of Heisenberg and the music of Breaking Bad

Singles Club
Our (kind of) weekly round-up of the latest single releases is a chance for one lucky writer to vent their spleen on all manner of topics.
Liam Fay held the mantle before regenerating Dr. Who style into Chris Burgess, whose unfettered frustration at many things is something of a joy to behold.

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