Getintothis’ Top 50 Records of 2013: 30-21


Getintothis‘ albums of 2013 end of year list continues with the records which have tickled our fancy in more ways than one.

Getintothis continues our annual top 100 albums of the year countdown.
You can see our top 50 records which didn’t make it into our top 50.
And here’s the albums from 50 down to 31 – we hope you’ll suggest yours, and feel free to tweet us feedback on @Getintothis.
In the meantime, here’s today’s albums, from 30 down to 21.
30. Pinkunoizu-The-Drop.jpg
Pinkunoizu: The Drop
Full Time Hobby
A myriad of distorted beats, percussive wonders, triangular grooves and billowing progressive guitar-orchestrated noise from these rhythmic Danish wizards.
Getintothis reviews Pinkunoizu, Loved Ones: East Village Arts Club, Liverpool.
29. k-x-p-II.jpg
Smalltown Supersound
Frenetic rhythms collide with ominous prog-disco as K-X-P continue their unfathomable exploration of music which shouldn’t work together but simply does. Another delectable offering.
Getintothis reviews K-X-P, Gigantes, EYES: Blade Factory, Liverpool.
28. major-lazer-Free-The-Universe.jpg
Major Lazer: Free The Universe
Mad Decent
Another Mad Decent party from Diplo‘s finest eclectic dance hall crew. Pure fantastical fun overload.
Major Lazer feature in Getintothis end of year 2012 review.
27. parquet-courts-Light-Up-Gold.jpg
Parquet Courts: Light Up Gold
What’s Your Rupture?
Slacker dumb garage brilliance. Stoned and Starving and Borrowed Time are possibly the two greatest ever tracks not to appear on This Is It.
26. Satelliti-Transister.jpg
Satelliti: Transister
Mechanical friction battles with oozing super-tight hooks – and in the snaking ten-minute Bright Tunnel they’ve released one of the epic tunes of 2013.
Getintothis on Satelliti.
25. Pure-Bathing-Culture-Moon-Tides.jpg
Pure Bathing Culture: Moon Tides
Memphis Industries
Super-catchy dream-pop which will have you hooked the moment you press play.
24. london-posse-Gangster-Chronicles-The-Definitive-Collection.jpg
London Posse: Gangster Chronicles: The Definitive Collection
Tru Thoughts
Sure, this is a reissue of the 1990 classic, however Tru Thoughts‘ repackaging and bonus disc containing mixes by the likes of Steve Mason, Wrongtom, Sparkii Ski and The Nextmen makes for a whole new vision. Meanwhile, Original London Style truly is a song for our times.
23. Dirty Beaches-Drifters-Love-Is the Devil.jpg
Dirty Beaches: Drifters / Love Is the Devil
Zoo Music.
Marrying vitriolic spasms of lyrical bite to frosty textures, hip hop thuds and all manner of chaotic noise this was one hell of a trip.
Getintothis reviews Dirty Beaches, GhostChant: The Shipping Forecast, Liverpool.
22. mad-brains.jpg
Mad Brains: ZADES
Self released
Twenty-one-year-old Cameron Toman is the most vital hip hop prospect from the North West in sometime. His debut mixtape ZADES melds dark comedy to laid-back rhythms, slacker production and includes the likes of Two Lone Swordsmen and Mr Scruff. Essential listening.
Getintothis talks to Mad Brains: Wu-Tang, mixtapes and making Merseyside’s finest hip hop record in years.
21. Föllakzoid-II.jpg
Föllakzoid: II
Sacred Bones
Santiago space cadets revelatory second outing spirals into a sonic abyss threatening to never return, yet guitarist Domingo Garcia-Huidobro cyclical throbs ensure you’re strapped in and focused on an horizon which never quite slips into view.
Getintothis on Föllakzoid.
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