The Getintothis Top 50 Records of 2012: 50-31


The Top 50 2012 Album of the Year countdown begins. Each day this week, Getintothis will be revealing our selections – feel free to leave your own.

50. Flying Lotus.jpg
Flying Lotus: Until The Quiet Comes
Almost an about face compared to the brain busting Cosmogramma, here the edges were softer and the music toned down. There was still a wee bit too much electrical fluff, yet compared to most he’s light years ahead.
49. Julia Holter.jpg
Julia Holter: Ekstasis
Psychedelia in it’s truest form – Holter’s music not only immerses you but you feel completely lost within it, often rendering you unable to know what quite went down. Or something.
48. Twin Shadow.jpg
Twin Shadow: Confess
Contains two absolute stone cold classics in the shape of Five Seconds and Run My Heart, but there was a sense that George Lewis Jr was stuck in third gear. Fingers crossed next time round he twists it up another notch.
47. Beak.jpg
Beak>: Beak>>
Contemporary krautrock can have a tendency to be infused with cliche and tired musicianship, Geoff Barrow‘s boys prove their masters of their craft with minimal arrangements, steely production and fizzing infectiousness.
Getintothis talks to Geoff Barrow ahead of Beak> show at the Kazimier
46. Peter Broderick.jpg
Peter Broderick:
Bella Union
The title may be clumsy on the eyes but Broderick’s melodies are stunning on the ear – one of the most meticulously arranged and gorgeously produced albums of the year. Beautiful.
45. Passion Pit.jpg
Passion Pit: Gossamer
The sheer bombast took us a while to acclimatise to on Michael Angelakos outfit’s second outing, but once we persevered those candy-coated belters addled with troubled themes struck a real chord. Pop to truly pummel the senses.
44. <strong>Conan</strong>.jpg” src=”” width=”300″ height=”300″ class=”mt-image-none” style=”” /><br />
<strong>Conan</strong>: <em>Monnos</em><br />
<a href=Burning World
It’s a long time since Liverpool’s embedded itself on the international metal map – Conan took the imprint of their doom forefathers – Sabbath, Sleep, Sunn O))) – and welded a warhammer shock wave right through it’s core. Punishing.
43. The Time And Space Machine.jpg
The Time And Space Machine: Taste The Lazer
Reminiscent of Amorphous Androgynous, in that Richard Norris imbues his dance background onto a kraut, psych and rock & roll template. The results are furiously funky.
Getintothis reviews Time & Space Machine at the Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia
Time and Space Machine featured in Liverpool Psych Fest picture gallery
Getintothis talks to Will Sergeant on the origins of Psychedelia
42. Chairlift.jpg
Chairlift: Something
Young Turks
The break up of Aaron Pfenning and Caroline Polachek is played out in an ironically more settled and focused follow up to their patchy debut. Pfenning may have departed but he’s left Chairlift sounding better than ever, as I Belong in Your Arms is the finest track Fleetwood Mac never wrote.
41. Six Organs Of Admittance.jpg
Six Organs Of Admittance: Ascent
Drag City
Ben Chasny finally put down the acoustic guitar and let rip Comets On Fire style with a roaring set. As it says in the liner notes – play loudly.
40. Jessie Ware.jpg
Jessie Ware: Devotion
Jessie Ware is one classy lady and Devotion positively oozes diamond-cut polish. Big up The Invisible‘s Dave Okumu who’s production hallmarks are all over this while 110% is pop gold.
Getintothis talks to Mercury-nominated Jessie Ware about Devotion.
39. Mugstar Axis album cover.jpg
Mugstar: Axis
Mugstar continue their voyage into the outer realms of sonic possibilities. There’s simply no taming them.
Getintothis interview and profile with GIT Award nominated Mugstar
Getintothis on Mugstar’s Axis album launch gig review at Mello Mello
38. Breton.jpg
Breton: Other People’s Problems
One of the most beguiling British debut’s in recent times; mixing Foals‘ frenetic interplay with divisive atmospherics this record was a delightful mix of oddball confusion and gnarly industrial melodica. What’s next is anybody’s guess.
37. Laurel Halo.jpg
Laurel Halo: Quarantine
Dangerously claustrophobic, dangerously beautiful. Like the stunning artwork you were suckered in for the kill. Compulsive, if unsettling listening.
Getintothis chats to Laurel Halo ahead of her Liverpool gig.
Getintothis reviews Laurel Halo live at the Kazimier
36. Japandroids.jpg
Japandroids: Celebration Rock
35. Fang Island.jpg
Fang Island: Major
Sargent House
Trying to replicate the best party of a lifetime, as soundtracked on their debut, is never going to happen. Fang Island tried manfully, and on several occasions almost achieved it. Make Me was this year’s Sideswiper – hell, yeah.
34. Oren Ambarchi.jpg
Oren Ambarchi: Audience Of One
Oren Ambarchi is the master manipulator of making you physically feel music. The 33 minute Knots is a low end aural driller which burrows into your very being while the remaining three suites act almost as angelic stabilizers.
33. Eleanor Friedberger.jpg
Eleanor Friedberger: Last Summer
Breathy, breezy and bursting with sunshine. What more do you need?
Getintothis reviews Eleanor Friedberger at Mello Mello
32. Anywhere.jpg
Anywhere: Anywhere
Old school progressive rock with some of the finest rhythmic displays on show this year.
Getintothis on Anywhere and Record Store Day
31. By The Sea album cover end of year.jpg
By The Sea: By The Sea
Sometimes an album comes along which captures a special moment in a band’s formation – this debut offering from By The Sea seemed almost too good to be true; effortless and dream-like, it wafts away in little time at all, leaving nothing but peaceful calm.
Getintothis reviews By The Sea’s debut record track by track
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