The Getintothis Top 50 Records of 2012: 20-11


Getintothis‘ 2012 albums of the year reaches the penultimate stage.

20. Baltic Fleet Towers album cover.jpg
Baltic Fleet: Towers
Blow Up Records
Paul Fleming‘s kraut-imbued industrial pop married hooks with inventive musicianship resulting in one of the finest records from Liverpool in years.
Getintothis on Baltic Fleet’s Engage
Getintothis reviews Baltic Fleet live at FestEVOL at the Kazimier
19. White Hills Frying.jpg
White Hills: Frying On This Rock
Thrill Jockey
The psych wizards cast their greatest spell yet with this expansive monolithic slab of electrifying spacerock.
Getintothis reviews White Hills live at the Kazimier
18. Grimes Visions.jpg
Grimes: Visions
Claire Boucher served up a hypnotic set of wondrous weirdo pop which was as darkly unsettling as it was naively childlike. A cornucopia of delights quite unlike anything else.
17. Liars W.jpg
Liars: WIXIW
Liars reasserted their crown as the leading players in monstrously mutating rock jams this time turning their attention to fried electronic beat beasts. Scary shit.
Getintothis talks to Liars on the making of WIXIW
Getintothis reviews Liars live in Manchester
Getintothis picture gallery of Liars live at the Ruby Lounge
16. The Woods Bend.jpg
Woods: Bend Beyond
Timeless Americana which ol Shakey would be proud of. Nuff said.
15. The Invsisble Rispah.jpg
The Invisible: Rispah
Ninja Tune
Bold brooding introspection reflecting on life, death and everything in between.
Getintothis chats to The Invisible
Getintothis reviews The Invisible live at Studio 2, Parr Street
Getintothis gallery of The Invisible live at Studio 2, Parr Street
14. Sharon van Etten.jpg
Sharon Van Etten: Tramp
Bewitching droney odes which carry the power of Patti Smith boxed up by Bon Iver – a tender, raw treasure.
13. Peaking Lights Lucifer.jpg
Peaking Lights: Lucifer
Weird World
More Augustus Pablo swamp stoner brilliance, as LA duo Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis managed to better their debut 936. The spin off Lucifer In Dub was a tasty unexpected addition.
12. VCMG.jpg
Ferocious dungeon disco from veterans Vince Clarke and Martin Gore. It’s a world away from Oh L’Amour.
11. John Talabot.jpg
John Talabot: Fin
Permanent Vacation
This year’s Swim, Talabot etched the sound of the summer deeply into this record which can already be hailed as a dance classic.
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