Getintothis’ Top 50 Records of 2013: 20-11


Getintothis‘ albums of 2013 end of year list nears it’s final destination – we seriously enjoyed this lot.

Getintothis‘ penultimate post before we reveal the finale of our top 100 albums of 2013.
Yesterday we revealed the albums ranked 30-21 and on Monday we shared 50 down to 31. You can also see our top 50 records which didn’t make it into our top 50.
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20. Always-Even-Carlton-Melton.jpg
Carlton Melton: Always Even
Agitated Records
At a meagre 38 minutes, Carlton Melton have served up their shortest work to date – and its arguably their most palatable. While retaining their vast smoky guitar fug, dense drum clatter and nu-kraut wig outs they’ve also reined in the fat into something leaner, meaner and very tasty indeed.
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19. boards-of-canada-tomorrow's-harvest.jpg
Boards Of Canada: Tomorrow’s Harvest
Almost as surprising as Bowie’s album, but infinitely superior, Boards Of Canada returned out of the ether with this smouldering, ever-so-slightly uneasy dance landscape of synthetic gold dust.
Getintothis on the return of Boards Of Canada.
18. money-Shadow-Of-Heaven.jpg
MONEY: Shadow Of Heaven
Bella Union
Profoundly cryptic yet hauntingly laid bare, Jamie Lee’s quasi-religious vignettes married to mini-epic guitar swirls are some of the most emotionally resonant songs we’ve heard in years. And their live shows are even better. Expect even better next time round.
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17. loved-ones-the-merry-monarch.jpg
Loved Ones: The Merry Monarch
Baltic Sub
Loved Ones debut offering arrived following several aborted attempts, but boy was it worth the wait – a finely crafted mini epic complete with beautific harmonies, timeless melodies and a rhythmic craft few of their peers can match.
Loved Ones: The Merry Monarch – debut album on first listen.
Loved Ones, The Laze, Nadine Carina: Scandinavian Church, Liverpool
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Loved Ones win the GIT Award 2012 at Leaf.
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16. Steve-Mason-Monkey-Minds-In-The-Devil's-Time.jpg
Steve Mason: Monkey Minds In The Devil’s Time
Double Six
Mason’s most imaginative, sprawling and openly political record yet is fuelled with mariachi brass, montages of Portuguese race car commentary, dub fusion and cosmic melodicas yet he never forgets to bring the tunes.
Getintothis reviews Steve Mason at Summer Camp, Camp & Furnace and picture gallery.
15. primal-scream-more-light.jpg
Primal Scream: More Light
Distilling the mania of XTRMNTR, the psychosis of Vanishing Point and the delirious fun of Screamadelica, Bawby and co. have added their fourth vital record – and more importantly proved their vitality remains intact.
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14. matthew-e-white-big-inner.jpg
Matthew E White: Big Inner
Domino Recording Co
Gospel-tinged swamp boogie by a man who sounds like he’s hugging your inner being every time he sings.
Getintothis on Matthew E White bringing Big Inner to Liverpool.
Getintothis reviews Matthew E White at Leaf.
13. kurt-vile-Wakin-On-A-Pretty-Daze.jpg
Kurt Vile: Wakin On A Pretty Daze
The continuing voyage of one of America’s most consistently fascinating songrwriters, Wakin On A Pretty Daze lived up to its name; shimmering, effervescent and sun-kissed underscored by colossal guitar tidal waves.
Getintothis reviews Kurt Vile at Liverpool Sound City.
12. chvurches-the-bones-of-what-you.jpg
Chvrches: The Bones Of What You Believe
The finest pop record since Robyn‘s Body Talk – unabashed choruses aligned to ice-cool attitude.
11. Savages-Silence-Yourself.jpg
Savages: Silence Yourself
At times clinical and aloof, but by-hell did they mean it. Few bands have shredded our minds, pumped our blood and gotten us this excited for sometime. In the flesh they’re a phenomenon – on record, this is their indelible mark on what should be the start of something special.
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