Getintothis top five #57: most read music, gigs, features and stories of the week


The Getintothis top five stories of the week

At the close of another busy week, here’s Getintothis’ Max Richardson with the roundup of the top stories of the week.

Here we are once again, and here’s hoping you’re all well.

As every news piece and TV program seems to be reminding us at the moment, we’re all stuck indoors, on the off-chance you’ve not noticed.

Of course, all this new-found free time gives us all a great chance to binge Netflix series and catch up with albums we’ve missed, but it also gives us the very rare chance to devote a considerable sum of time to something.

Here’s a thought – why not try picking up an instrument?

It’s something that so many people say they wish were able to do, but everyday life always manages to get in the way.

With everyday life on pause, perhaps it’s a good time to pick up that acoustic guitar hiding somewhere in the attic, and try out a few chords?

Record Store Day 2020 rescheduled again to be split over three dates

Or if that’s not your thing, at least we’re spoiled for choice with an abundance of material to watch and listen to.

This writer has been giving the music of The Beatles the annual re-listen this week, in particular the record Revolver.

It’s not this writer’s personal favourite record, which has to go to Sgt. Pepper – but what a record Revolver is. It really is one of those records that definitely seems to get a little deeper with every listen.

Have you been listening to anything out of the ordinary this week? We’d love to hear your thoughts, please do let us know.

Anyway, let’s crack on with the Getintothis Top Five:

Parr Street Apartments, if approved will replace Parr Street Studios

Getintothis’ top five most-read stories of the week:

  1. If Liverpool loses Parr Street Studios it loses the right to be called City of Music
  2. British Sea Power: a buyer’s guide to the unconventional navigators of the sublime
  3. The Teardrop Explodes’ Wilder: an album designed to alienate pop fans
  4. Piers Morgan is a two-headed snake and anything but an effective leader of the opposition
  5. BBC 4 Music Documentaries – Ten of The Best, including Kate Bush, The Clash and Primal Scream

Oasis: Don’t Stop…

Getintothis’ top five most-read pieces about live events or new music:

  1. Liverpool’s Parr Street Studios, Attic and Ropewalk buildings to be demolished if new apartment plans approved
  2. Oasis: Don’t Stop demo review and five things from Noel Gallagher sung rarity
  3. Parr Street Studios owner Steve Macfarlane issues statement over proposed redevelopment
  4. Modern Sky: “We tried to buy Parr Street Studios and refurbish it but were told it was too late”
  5. Indie Allstars Chasing Rainbows for NHS – watch Libertines, Pigeon Detectives Fratellis and more cover Shed Seven




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