Getintothis guestlist selection Part Two: Liverpool industry figures on 2017

Getintothis End of Year Industry figureheads selections

Getintothis End of Year Industry figureheads selections

Liverpool music’s movers and shakers offer their thoughts on 2017, giving their top albums, tracks, gigs and tips for the new year.

After the great pop star cull of 2016, this year happily failed to keep up the momentum, with few national treasures falling off the perch.

Either celeb deaths have peaked or we’re so bored of RIP-ing on Facebook every day that we’ve taken a cold shower, calmed the hell down and saved our memes of heartbreak for those we actually like.

Or maybe we found other ways of indulging in sentimentality for the past. The nostalgia market in music continues apace, searching out untapped audiences and handing them excuses to book a babysitter. Hope and Glory fell on its arse, we all know that, but make no mistake the infamous ‘no festival today’ tweet wasn’t due to poor ticket sales.

The demand for meat and potato stodge from fifteen, twenty and more years ago remains scarily high. Shed 7 tours roll on, and cheeky bastard ticket websites brazenly send out info on Britpop weekenders at Pontins to poor unsuspecting souls, based on what algorithm no one is quite sure. They cast their nets wide and it’s rather insulting to be honest.

But let’s not be negative. This year was always going to be a bit of a strange one and so it came to pass, but for the most unexpected of reasons.

The effects of the Women’s March in January didn’t fizzle out as these things tend to, but instead grew legs. There’s a bravery and confidence from women en masse not present in 2016. Concern over the safety of women and girls at gigs, the lack of female artists booked to perform at festivals, the ever increasing rise of the fanzine, and the #MeToo movement all became part of a massive and ongoing conversation, one sure to continue and expand as we greet 2018.

As women’s stories and accounts of harassment, assault and basic disrespect in public and private spaces are now believed rather than brushed aside and dismissed as gold digging exercises, there’s room for optimism.

It’s inspiring and encouraging to women and other marginalised voices, and can only contribute to creativity both in the world of music making and consumption, and out of it. Women are still treated like trash, but let’s use the next year to work on cutting down on that particular pastime. – Cath Bore

Kelly Lee Owens (credit: artist's Facebook)

Kelly Lee Owens (credit: artist’s Facebook)

Andrew Ellis: Giant Men Management / Samizdat

Top 5 Albums of 2017:

Visible CloaksReassemble
Robert Aiki Aubrey LoweKulthan
Kelly Lee OwensS/T
Forest Swords: Compassion
Pep LlopisPoiemusia La Nau Dels Argonautes (Reissue)
OughtSun Coming Down – Andrew says: “The album that I slept on when it came out and fell in love with in 2017.”

Top 5 Gigs of 2017:

Mica Levi & BBC Concert Orchestra at Everlast New Music Biennial, Southbank London
Part Chimp at Wrong Festival, Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool (Getintothis review)
Chic & Nile Rodgers at Echo Arena, Liverpool (Getintothis review)
Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia Andrew says: “No idea who I saw, mind, but it was great!” (Getintothis review)
Andrew PM Hunt & Immix Ensemble at Lutyens Crypt, Met Cathedral, Liverpool

Event of 2017:

“no festival today”

Music Tip for 2018:

Flohio, Our Girl, Oliver Coates, Pink Kink.

Peaches (photo credit: Lucy McLachlan)

Peaches (photo credit: Lucy McLachlan)

Chris CarneyThreshold Festival & Curated Place 

Top 5 Albums of 2017:

LCD Soundsystem: American Dream
“Long awaited and worth it. Needs a revisit soon as initially rinsed it then haven’t been back. Stand out track is: How Do You Sleep? Reading the reasoning behind the reunion in a Crack Magazine interview was a real eye-opener.” 

Mogwai: Every Country’s Sun
“Not listening to any new Mogwai for a while, then this came up on my Spofity suggestions and I remembered why they’re one of my favourites. Great album.”

“This is firing on all cylinders, great original sound. Actually also feels like nods to Bon Iver and James Blake are tucked in there. Brilliant live.”

Public Service Broadcasting: Every Valley
“This made me do a cry. Fantastic follow up to the amazing Race for Space. Still high on my list to see live.”

Vessels: The Great Distraction 
“Love this album by an act that had passed me by until now. Kicked The National’s Sleep Well Beast and Kendrick’s Damn off my top 5, but they should get a mention, so there.”

Top 5 Gigs of 2017:

Barry Gibb at Glastonbury Pyramid Stage
“This may have been about expectations to some extent. Having missed pretty much everyone else I wanted to see at Glastonbury, I was about to leave and decided I had to at least watch something. Barry would have to do. So glad I made that decision, it was an incredible set, hilarious, emotional and the most fun I’ve had a gig in a long time.”

LCD Soundsystem at Alexandra Palace, London
“Totally perfect. A best of setlist with their new tracks woven in and a crowd of bonified LCD loyalists, me included. Perfect except the terrible bar service and maybe the acoustics, but there’s not much that can spoil a gig of this magnitude.”

Sigur Rós at O2 Apollo, Manchester 
“More surprises from their stripped back 3 piece Sigur Rós set up that I first saw last year at Glasto. They don’t lack anything in sound by this and the performance by front man Jonsí could fill a stage alone. Shouting off mic into the audience amidst a full song crescendo and you can still hear every note. He’s another breed.”

Peaches at Sound City, Liverpool (Getintothis review)
“A gig I never thought I’d see, after missing her 50th special by Evol, this made up for it and props to Sound City for making it happen. Giant inflatable penis….check.”

Pixies at Øyafestivalen, Oslo
“Big tick off my list and the set list was incredible. Pixies might actually be the best band of all time. Even sans Kim Deal, there’s just nothing that can come close to them in terms of back catalogue, integrity, their influence on alternative music. Also learning that instead of costing the festival money on ground transport, Frank Black took the metro to the festival site. A lovely humble act, but he forgot to validate his ticket and ended up getting fined by the inspectors.”

Event of 2017:

“Hard to pinpoint and I’ve not been able to get to as much in Liverpool this year, but it’s superb to see so much going on, fighting the good fight like Emotion Wave and Sonic Yootha and I think the guys behind Secret Circus should get a special mention, they’ve been plugging away for a few years now making really cool, quirky events and they clearly work their asses off promoting and creating their nights.”

Music Tip for 2018:

” Emilio PinchiWatch out for more excellent writing and self-deprecating delicate performances by this fella. Listen to his EP During Voided Hours and go see him!”

Nothing But Thieves (from artist's Facebook page)

Nothing But Thieves (from artist’s Facebook page)

Sarah Louise Jones: VMS Live

Top 5 Albums of 2017:

Little Comets: Worhead
“This band. Fallen in love with their song writing, granted I’ve lost count of how many female names pop up in their albums but so catchy, so relatable and those harmonies!”

Gentleman’s Dub Club: Dubtopia
“You can be in any mood and this album is sure to pick you up. Serious highlight of Boomtown 2017, even though I spent some of the set trying to find my partner in a sea of people with two Mr Whippys, whoopsie! Ended up having to eat both of them so they wouldn’t melt everywhere, or so she says that’s the reason anyway…It was a great set!”

Major Lazer: Know No Better EP
“EDM Afro-American stylie cheese but I’ve always got time to dance the crap out of this EP! Serious summer vibes.”

Everything Everything: A Fever Dream
“Can’t get over how good Jonathan’s vocals are. You hear any track from this album on the radio or passing by, you instantly know it’s them. EE own Math-Rock.”

Nothing But Thieves: Broken Machine
“Following on from their insane debut release in 2015, I didn’t think they could top that album, but they did and god damn, you have to see these guys live.”

Top 5 Gigs of 2017:

Two Door Cinema Club at Alexandra Palace, London
“I’ve been to Ally Pally before to see Bjork and this was definitely a contrast, was three or so rows from the front and although I felt like the oldest one there among teens who were doing GCSEs and A-Levels, the crowd didn’t half know how to half fun, even if it did consist of having a kid every 15 or so minutes ask if I’ve seen their phone…”

The Kooks at Liverpool Olympia (Getintothis review)
“What a way to bond with your future housemates! I moved into a new place on the day of this gig and with a new house comes new friends! So invited them to the gig and had the best bonding time over hits that made you reminisce and pints of wine that made you full of regret the next day.”

Nothing But Thieves at O2 Academy, Liverpool
“What’s better than being in a room full of people who appreciate the same music as you and are best buddies too. Conor Mason was suffering from food poisoning for this show but he owned that stage, serious performance.”

Catfish & The Bottlemen at Echo Arena, Liverpool (Getintothis review)
“I’m not one for going to arena gigs or seated gigs for that matter but when you combine the two, the atmosphere is unforgettable, I simply couldn’t stop smiling at this gig, it was breathtaking.”

Mystery Jets at The Garage, London
“‘In the Telomere that lives inside us and the people walking down below. Crawling home alone like spiders, as the cancer slowly starts to grow, in your blood.’ I welled-up before the gig to this song, at the gig and after. Amazing tune, amazing band.”

Event of 2017:

Boomtown Festival 2017
“No matter where you went, you felt like you were in a surreal fantasy world that you didn’t want to leave from. So many amazing bands, acts and districts. You could easily get lost in your own mind and, if you’ve got directs like me, lose yourself in fields of beauty physically too. Already got tickets for next year, here’s hoping work will be oh so kind and give me the weekend off again…”

 Music Tip for 2018:

China Lane
“Remind me of a mix between Fickle Friends and The Chainsmokers. Like a bit of cheese and pop? Go have a listen!”

Blick Bassy

Blick Bassy at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall Music Room

Rory Taylor: Positive Vibrations Festival

Top 5 Albums of 2017:

Ikebe Shakedown: The Way Home
The Hempolics: Kiss, Cuddle & Torture Volume 1
El Michels Affair: Return to the 37th Chamber
Fortunate Youth: Sugarshack Sessions

Top 5 Gigs of 2017:

Blick Bassy at Liverpool Philharmonic Music Room (Getintothis review)
Tinariwen at Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool (Getintothis review)
Witch at Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia
King Creosote at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall (Getintothis review)
Big Youth at District, Liverpool

Event of 2017:

Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia

Music Tip for 2018:

The Hempolics
“Already making a name for themselves, I’m confident they’re going to bring sweet reggae music to the masses.”

Xam Volo (photo credit: Christopher Flack)

Xam Volo (photo credit: Christopher Flack)

Joe Maryanji: EBGBs

Top 5 Albums of 2017:
Mastodon: Emperor of Sand
Septic Flesh: Codex Omega
Mike Dawes: Era
Ruby Rushford: Trudi’s Songbook – Volume 1
Gregory Porter: Nat King Cole and Me
Top 5 Gigs of 2017:
Iron Maiden at Echo Arena, Liverpool (Getintothis review)
Chic at Echo Arena, Liverpool
Devin Townsend at Graspop, Belgium
Mastodon at Download Festival
Opeth at Ritz, Manchester
Event of 2017:
Liverpool Music Week 2017
Music Tip for 2018:
Tinariwen (photo credit: Warren Millar)

Tinariwen (photo credit: Warren Millar)

David McTague: Mellowtone

Top 5 Gigs of 2017:


Tinariwen, Harvest Sun & Africa Oye at Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool

“A trance-inducing show, from North Africa’s original Tuareg rock and rollers. 500+ people swaying in unison.  Vibes at the Wind Factory.”

Super Weird Happening at The Florrie, Liverpool
“A mad day in a mad building.  A happening, a gathering of the tribes, consciousness expanding food for thought. And I was lucky enough to meet Alan Moore.”

Michael Head at Studio 2Liverpool
“Adios, Senor Pussycat. It felt lime a long time coming, a homecoming, and was a truly wonderful atmosphere.   A set bordering on two hours felt like twenty minutes. Time flies if you’re having fun.” 

Nick Ellis Adult Fiction launch at St Bride’s Church, Liverpool
“A man at the top of his game – lyrically, vocally and musically. A prolific songwriter of the highest calibre.This was an evening where the atmosphere was beyond magical. Nick Ellis is on the ascent.”  
Blick Bassy at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall Music Room 
“A curveball here – a show unlike anything I have ever seen or heard.  Vocal dexterity, multi-instrumentalism and Blick backed by two fine experimental jazz players, building a theatrical, immersive canvas. Unique. Having missed the Chic gig as I was out of town, I’m assuming I’ll be one of the few here with a non-Chic related selection.”
Event of 2017:
Africa Oye at Sefton Park, Liverpool (Getintothis review)
“25th Anniversary celebrations… the weather Gods were smiling, the people were smiling. A truly beautiful weekend.” 
Music Tip for 2018:

“Biased I know, but I have to say Nick Ellis. Three releases in two years – prolific, yet Nick’s songs are always of the highest quality.  From select Mick Head supports in late 2017, a triumphant album launch at St Brides, and with Michael Chapman supports in the diary for the new year, he’s rolling. And the new album – Adult Fiction – is truly stunning; a collection of songs that need to be heard…”
Thundercat (photo credit: Warren Millar)

Thundercat (photo credit: Warren Millar)

Chris TylerLiverpool Music Week
Top 5 Albums of 2017:

Kendrick Lamar: Damn
Alfa Mist: Antiphon
Thundercat: Drunk
J Hus: Common Sense

Top 5 Gigs of 2017:
CHIC at Echo Arena, Liverpool
Thundercat at Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool (Getintothis review)
Blanck Mass at 24 Kitchen Street, Liverpool (Getintothis review)
The Roots at Jazz Cafe
Solange at Primavera
Event of 2017:

“Can I say Liverpool Music Week? I’m going to say Liverpool Music Week. We picked up our second award in 2 years at the UK Festival Awards (this year for Best Lineup) and feel pretty proud of what we’ve achieved seeing as we’re a very small team who work on it part-time.”

Music Tip for 2018:



Jules Bennett: Liquidation at EBGBs

Top 5 Albums of 2017:

Dirty Projectors
Dirty Projectors
The HorrorsV
MogwaiEvery Country’s Sun
Liars: TFCF
Alien StadiumLivin’ in Elizabethan Times

Top 5 Gigs of 2017:


CHIC featuring Nile Rogers at Echo Arena, Liverpool for Liverpool Music Week
“Booking of the year. Buzz of the year. Gig of the year.”

The Selecter and The Beat at O2 Ritz Manchester
“This co-headline tour is right up my street. The Selecter were a massive highlight of Positive Vibration 2017 too, plus both bands roll into town on my birthday (Dec 23rd) to play wonderful Olympia. Tickets still available!”

The Pioneers, Dave & Ansel Collins at Islington Assembly Hall
Toots and The Maytals at Liverpool Olympia (Getintothis review)
Dream Wife, Her’s, HAARM, AGP at Buyers Club, Liverpool (Getintothis review)
Event of 2017:
Glastonbury Festival

“Back on top after slipping to 2nd last year. It was my 21st Glastonbury and for many reasons its one of my top three ever. (1993 and 2008 being the others since you asked). Also of note is the national recognition, respect and awards for our homegrown festivals, proving that not just anyone can run one successfully, which we saw up close in August. Pretty sure others will have marked the most Tory sounding festival ever as non-event of the year. I’ve got the domain so if you’ve got an idea for it? Get in touch!”

Music Tip for 2018:

“There’s so much activity in the underground in Liverpool, it’s really exciting. Lots of little sub-scenes, but no negativity and bands buzzing off each other musically and professionally. Some have just broken cover, some are polishing their boots ready for that next push, so I suppose as a fairly new band ready for the main stage, St Jude The Obscure, proving that they’re well read fuckers as well as musically talented ones.”

The Orielles (photo credit: Warren Millar)

The Orielles (photo credit: Warren Millar)

Kara McCabe: SJM Concerts 

Top 5 Albums of 2017:

Mr JukesGod First
“ON REPEAT. Also if I could have a top 6 gig list, this would be included. What a show.”

Jordan RakeiWallflower
“Blissful album.”

PondThe Weather
“What’s not to love?”

“One of my favourite artists. The guy just delivers every time.”

The xxI See You
“Just a totally different side to them, I love it.”

Top 5 Gigs of 2017:

The xx at Arena Berlin
“The production was unbelievable. The gig will resonate with me for a long while.”

Ibibio Sound Machine at Band On The Ball
“This band never fail to impress. Joyous live band.”

Louis Berry at Sound Control, Manchester
“3 words – It went OFF.”

The Maccabees at O2 Apollo, Manchester (Getintothis review)
“A huge celebration of a band I’ve grown up with. Huge admiration for them.” 

Radiohead at Emirates Old Trafford
“Their production is always stunning and they sounded incredible.”

Event of 2017:

Neighbourhood Festival, Manchester
“It was a joy to see so many hotly tipped artists perform across the southern side of MCR. Highlights included Peace, Cabbage, Idles and The Orielles.” (Getintothis review)

Music Tip for 2018:

Confidence Man, Tom Misch, Jorja Smith, Louis Berry, The Orielles – Kara says: “I can’t just have one!”

Queen Zee & The Sasstones (photo credit: Lucy McLachlan)

Queen Zee & The Sasstones (photo credit: Lucy McLachlan)

Rebecca Ayres: Liverpool Sound City
Top 5 Albums of 2017:
Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile: Lotta Sea Lice 
“I adore Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett has grown on me like a triffid in the last couple of years, this album is tremendously better with every listen and so understated and weird.” 

Alt-J: Relaxer
“Genuinely trying to break new rhythmic and melodic ground, their new album is instantly catchy and beautiful.”

Four Tet: New Energy
“A return to unusual and awe inspiring ear worms.”
LCD Soundsystem: American Dream
“This is one of those albums that makes you think why doesn’t everyone make music as effortlessly brilliant as this.”
Thundercat: Drunk 
“I always hated anything remotely affiliated with jazz but Thundercat changed everything, this is so darn sexy.”
Top 5 Gigs of 2017:

Queen Zee and the Sasstones
at Soup Kitchen, Manchester
“Incendiary and brilliant.”

The Blinders at Gullivers, Manchester
“This followed Queen Zee at Off the Record on the same night, I couldn’t believe how spellbinding and full of fury this was.”

Alt-J at Glastonbury 
So gorgeous and mesmerising this sent shivers down my spine for the entire set.”
Justice at Primavera (Getintothis review)
“A jaw dropping and electrifying set which was the best thing to dance to ever this year.”
Dream Wife at Bluedot (Getintothis review)
“They were unbelievable, the best lyrics and stage presence ever.”

Event of 2017:

Welcome to the DarkAges
“I was honoured to be part of this unique and once in a lifetime event, even now I can’t describe just how bizarre it was.”
Music Tip for 2018:
Sheep Got Waxed from Lithuania, Spacebo from Russia, Glintshake from Russia and Trupa Trupa from Poland.
“The best music in 2017/ 2018 is coming from Russia and Eastern Europe. Full stop.”


Yaw OwusuLiverpool International Music Festival
Top 5 Albums of 2017:
Kendrick LamarDamn
Mose SumneyAfromaticism
Jayden SmithSyre
Top 5 Gigs of 2017:

Trevor Nelson at Liverpool Palm House
No Sleep
ft Slick Rick, Kool Dj Red Alert at Liverpool Palm House
at Small Cinema, Liverpool
Cory Henry ft XamVolo at Koko London
Damian Marley 
at Somerset House

 Music Tip for 2018:

“UK Neo-Soul artists will be doing the work!”
Stealing Sheep

Stealing Sheep

Sam Crombie: Kazimier/IWF
Top 5 Gigs of 2017:
Thundercat at Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool
“Fun to watch so many Radio 6 listeners get subjected to 90 minutes of virtuoso bass noodling.”
Stealing Sheep at Buyers Club, Liverpool (Getintothis review)
“The lads smashed it. They presented a load of new songs that showed the direction their new album may (or may not) be heading in. I look forward to finding out in 2018.”
Okinowa Music Showcase at Yoyogi Park, Tokyo
“Okinowa is the exotic island south of japan’s mainland. This was a free festival selling the culture and tourism of the tiny island to Tokyo but it was incredible seeing traditional Okinowan Folk musicians perform. Their style of music has alternating verses of male and female singers, and its very light-hearted and fun but also strangely powerful and mournful at the same time. I was briefly brought to tears before leaving for the J-pop stage next door.”
Part Chimp at Wrong Festival, Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool

DJ Spooney
 at LIMF, Liverpool
“Watching a real orchestra play songs that were made with cheap midi synthesisers emulating orchestral instruments was a surreal and fantastic full circle. To see the all-star cast of UK garage performers and guest MCs was incredible. This was accompanied with the worst weather imaginable, which perhaps added something, but unfortunately resulted in a very sparse crowd of dedicated enthusiasts and intoxicated teenagers.” 
Event of 2017:
Liverpool Music Week
“By combining an iconic act live (Chic & Nile Rogers) with smaller breaking-out showcases in the city centre and some bigger touring acts in Leaf and The Invisible Wind Factory the festival pulled off a hugely inclusive event for the city. The format this year seemed to engage more than in past years with a really strong turn-out and line-up that reflected different interests and communities. God Colony with Flohio, Zola Jesus and AJ Tracey were some personal faves.” 
Music Tip for 2018:
“Listening to Jacuzzi in a Jacuzzi. All will become clear next year.”