Korova: Is legendary Liverpool bar to make unexpected return?


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Legendary Liverpool bar Korova to reopen? Plot thickens amid Front Bottoms gig booking.

Korova. The mere mention of the word on Merseyside and in music circles prompts teary-eyed nostalgia.
Has there been a bar in Liverpool which has been so fondly eulogised over? Since it’s untimely move from Fleet Street, and sudden closure due to fire damage in the new location on Hope Street, there’s not been a music bar on Merseyside that’s competed with it’s legendary gigs and debauched roguish charm.
Sure, the Kazimier has already cemented it’s place in history as Liverpool’s club cornerstone, but nowhere has replaced Korova as a drop-in hang out for music fans from any background. Nowhere.
So it was with raised eyebrows and much internet chatter when a gig listing in Liverpool was placed at the Hope Street site for later this year.
It appears, New Jersey punk band The Front Bottoms are booked to play ‘Korova’ on Wednesday September 18, 2013. And you can buy tickets now.
Whether this is a temporary name for a new bar in the offing, we’re attempting to find out. Whether the name Korova is resurrected is a can of worms waiting to be opened.
We could be in the midst of a post-modern Eric’s furore.
Either way, any mention of Korova is sure to prick the ears of the discerning Liverpool music lover. For there was a place were memories will live forever.
Korova: Just another night of complete mania in Liverpool’s finest bar in decades
Rob Gutmann, the man who steered Korova and several other prominent city bars including Blue Bar & Grill and Alma De Cuba, to prominence told Getintothis, ‘I am entirely unaware of any plans to re-open Korova.
As its inventor (along with several cherished collaborators) I’d be surprised and ever so slightly annoyed if someone thought it might be a good idea to just use the name without asking me.
‘If they did ask me, I’d say no. All of us involved with Korova are proud of its heritage and that it is still so fondly remembered. For the foreseeable future it should remain just that – a proud memory.
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