Abandon Silence 4th Birthday: The Kazimier, Liverpool


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Liverpool’s finest new dance crew Abandon Silence celebrate four years of first-rate electronic partying by demolishing Getintothis’ Michael Fowler. And he only did a half. The whopper.

Before Getintothis had even arrived at The Kazimier, Abandon Silence had been going for eight hours in what would turn out to be a marathon of bass, beats and birthday celebrations.
Nursing an Infernia hangover from the everisland event held at The Kaz the previous night, and a busy day ahead of us, we missed what sounded like an incredible start to the fourth birthday of what is arguably Liverpool’s best dance night.
Before our venture into the celebrations even started, a sold out party round the bandstand in the Kazimier Gardens had boomed. A real summer garden party featuring a diverse collection of turntablists, electronic producers and vinyl heads included No Fakin DJs, Session Victim, Romare, Andrew Hill, UNKWN and Bolt. And from what we hear it was an incredible kick off.
Thinking we’d arrive fashionably late an hour after the night event started, we were completely off the money. Not taking in the real scope of the ‘day’ event, the crowd didn’t start piling in until around midnight. We guess they had to have their tea first before facing the next leg. But when the first lot started coming in the rest followed and soon there wasn’t an inch of space inside the venue.
With the perfect weather carrying on in to the night, Getintothis spent the start of it in the smoking area – or Rat Alley, as Church, who were hosting this section had coined it. Audio Asylum‘s set was a massive highlight, and despite every next person trying to bum cigarettes off us, it was the perfect way to spend the first half. Cool tracks and a good atmosphere.
Back inside Brawther brought the tempo right up, the crowd was a sea of bobbing heads. Powerful house pulsed through the Kazimier walls and everyone in the venue was moving.
Finally headliner and acid house legend, A Guy Called Gerald, brought with him a wild release of ecstasy, he literally lifted The Kazimier up to new heights and kept them there until the confetti rained and the night came to an end.
Abandon Silence made it through their fourth birthday in style, in years before that have seen incredible sets from Bodikka, L-Vis 1990, Four Tet, Dusky and an ‘alright’ set from James Blake, creating along the way, what is a near perfect night out in Liverpool. This was certainly one of the best birthday parties we’ve been to, and we didn’t even buy them a card.
After The Kazimier show their marathon continued and they made time for another four hours in the newly, newly, re-opened Magnet. This is where Getintothis decided to make an exit.
According to the people that did the whole slog, the whole 17 hours, just got better and better. The night just didn’t slow down. Happy Birthday Abandon Silence, get some rest now. Love, Getintothis.
Picture courtesy of Samantha Milligan and Abandon Silence.
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