Liverpool Music Week playlist feat Mogwai, Låpsley, Hookworms, Foals & more plus closing party stage times

Liverpool Music Week Closing Party

Liverpool Music Week Closing Party

Passing around the Hors d’oeuvre’s, Getintothis’ Christopher Hughes prepares us for the feast ahead.

Now in its 10th year, Liverpool Music Week has garnered a reputation for being an electrifying showcase of new sparks running in tandem with heavyweight stalwarts, helping to make it the UK’s biggest indoor music festival.

This year promises to be no different, and to get you in the mood we’ve compiled a pulsating playlist of the very best noise to expect. There really is something for everybody here- capturing the very essence of the festival.

Opening with the steadily building beat of Remurdered by legendary post-rockers Mogwai, the anticipation and excitement of the festival is manifest.

Sliding seamlessly into the Foals remix of Wild BeastsPalace and then into the glittering Recover by Scottish pop-dreamers CHVRCHES, the playlist follows a blissfully chilled path through some of the very best modern electronica around.

Rediscovering some grit through post-punk outfit EagullsMoulting and psychedelic-noise makers Hookworms, the playlist then embarks on an instrumental odyssey through 3rd Movement by local ensemble Ex-Easter Island Head.

By now you’ll be shivering with anticipation, so we’ve dripped some chilled, shimmering electronica into the mix in the form of Falling Short by Låpsley. Space-out to Black Fountain by Liverpool kraut-psych legends Mugstar– recent founders of God Unknown Records.

And if your ears are still ringing after that pounding, indulge in some rest and relaxation through the beautifully simple Hotel from dream-folk trio Antlers. Following that trend are some ambient-pop gems from Etches, Queen Maud and Natalie McCool.

But before we bliss you out too much, there’s the cheerful Umbrella Medley from Liverpool’s finest ukulele troupe Ukebox, and some buzzing garage-psych from Hooton Tennis Club. Polishing off the playlist is a piece of foreboding acapella from alt-rock screamers We Came Out Like Tigers.

Liverpool Music Week promises, as ever, to be an intense voyage of discovery and excitement set to the backdrop of this stunning city. Whether you’re new to Liverpool, or are looking for a reminder as to why we’re the best musical city in the world, make sure you head on down and listen to the playlist now to start the festival early.


Liverpool Music Week – Closing Party Schedule

FURNACE (at Camp and Furnace ) STAGE

20:30 – Bird

21:55- Special Guests to be announced soon!

22:35 – CHVRCHES

CAMP (at Camp and Furnace) stage.

19:00 – Speakeasy Bootleg Band

20:00 – Organ Freeman

21:00 – Batala Liverpool Samba Band

22:15 – Mamadou and The Super Libidor Band

23:45 – The Harlequin Dynamite Marching Band

BAR (at Camp and Furnace)

18:00 – Stevie Law DJ

20:00 – Mixnots DJs

22:00 – No Fakin / Madnice Marauders DJs

Blade Factory (at C&F)

18:00 – Dazes

19:00 – Lives

20:00 – Hooton Tennis Club

21:00 – Baltic Fleet

22:15 – VEYU

00:00 – Lizzo



Milk Presents:

18:00 – Probes

19:00 – Oxygen Thieves

20:00 – Good Grief

21:00 – Moats

22:00 – Broken Men

23:00 – Strange Collective

00:00 – The Black Lips

24 Kitchen Street

Liverpool’s GIT Music Award 2015 Launch:

DJ – Orlagh Dooley

19:15 – Vee

20:15 – Queen Maud

21:15 – Chemistry Lane

22:15 – Låpsley

Abandon Silence Presents:

00:00 – AbandonSilence Residents.

00:30 – MssngNo

01:30 – Evian Christ DJ


03:30 – Abandon Silence Residents.


Indoor Stage:

17:30 – Amique

18:30 – Natalie McCool

19:30 – We Are Catchers

20:30 – Southern

21:45 – Nick Mulvey

00:00 – Milk Presents DJs

00:30 – The Tea Street Band

01:15 – Foals DJs

02:45 – Milk Presents DJs

Outdoor Stage:

80s Vinyl Records presents:

18:00 – 80’s Vinyl

19:00 – Beach Skulls

20:00 – Mercury 13

21:00 – Electroshock Therapy

22:00 – People//Talk

23:00 – Special Guests.

Unit 51

Mellowtone presents:

17:30 – Special Guests

18:30 – Special Guests

19:30 – Silent Sleep

20:30 – Haley Bonar