Liverpool Sound City 2014: ASIWYFA, Thumpers, More than Conquerors, Ring Ring Rouge, Ports, Peter Pan Complex, Jack Garratt – Studio 2, Korova & Kazimier


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Hard rock in a Garden, Korean Peter Pan’s in a studio and jaw-dropping sledgehammer riffs in a poster exhibition hall, Getintothis’ Emma Walsh soaks up Sound City’s wealth of oddball obscurities.

As if anticipation for this year’s Sound City wasn’t big enough, Leaf kept us twiddling our thumbs 20 minutes more before opening the doors on the wonderfully bearded Jack Garrett.
This guy has big beats and all the electronic vibes you need to kick start a weekend. Dropping jaws with raw vocals and tasty licks of the guitar, Garrett has an attitude to match the brute strength of his tunes, grinding his beard against the keys to the beat.
Ring Ring Rouge delivered a tight performance at Korova with bouncy tunes and big guitars.
Ports, the band formerly known as Little Bear, brought their mix of wistful lyrics and rock out guitars to the Kazimier Gardens, combating the cold with rich layers of head nodding rock and heart-tingling song-writing.
If the audience were half hearted in their attentions throughout the set the all-or-nothing belt out of Few and Far Between had the whole crowd by the proverbial, jaw dropped and eyes fixed. Contender for song of the festival right there.
Later, More than Conquerors brought a taste of nostalgia for this Getintothis kid, their heavy sound, Americanised slant on a pure Norn Iron accent and unashamed punk rock lyrics struck on teenage heart strings. If your hometown could have a sound, this would be this reviewers.
More than Conquerors live kazimier garden
More Than Conquerors live at The Kazimier Garden
In true Sound City diversity the evening brought us to Studio 2 and Korean pop people Peter Pan Complex. An odd experience to say the least, thoroughly enjoyed the silver jumpsuit and the shout out to ‘London’… oh dear.
From Korean pop back to the pure Norn Iron rock outs with ASIWYFA. Oh my days. These guys barely allow breathing space between the flurries of guitar and unrelenting batter of the drums. Sweaty, loud and exhilarating, ASIWYFA (lead image) are exhausting in their sheer brilliance.
Ring Ring Rouge live korova
All at once chaotic and perfectly synthesised, this is head banging music that all of a sudden gives way to a revered hush before crashing into another wave of ribcage-rattling sound. Magnificent.
Propping eyes open on matchsticks, to Zanzibar, where Thumpers were producing an unprecedented wealth of energy for the graveyard shift.
Hip swinging, hand clapping upbeat tunes with a roar of vocals that kept the singer’s veins pumped and the crowd captivated.
Were Sound City to call it quits right here right now, it would be going out on the highest, sweetest, downright rockiest notes possible.

Pictures by Getintothis‘ Matt Thomas, Jack Thompson and Sakura
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