Albums VEYU part of Getintothis' best albums of 2014 countdown

The penultimate instalment of our albums of 2014 sees Getintothis’ Peter Guy relishing industrial Polish outrock, Reykjavík’s electronic wilds plus Wirral and Widnes artists creating sonic wonders.

On Track The Jackobins

Ahead of their EP launch party at the Arts Club, Getintothis’ Christopher Hughes takes a look at one of the newest musical prospects in the city.

Introducing The Demeanour

At a loss with the Christmas song climate in the race for this year’s Number 1, Getintothis’ Emma Walsh turns to a festive contender closer to home from The Demeanour.

Introducing Glue Moon

Nebulous grooves and foggy, filmic soundscapes are the order of the day for Liverpool’s fully-formed newcomers Glue Moon, Getintothis’ Patrick Clarke has the lowdown on their latest.

The Top 10 the_who_liverpool_top_10_songs_best_review

Revelling in rebellion while bringing masturbation, disabled messiah’s, cross-dressing children and violence into perhaps the one place they all belong-the top 40, Getintothis’ Neal McGrath swoops through The Who’s ten best tracks.

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